Yutaka has an exceptional gift in his hands when he gives massages. I always feel improved when he has worked on any problem area. I have recommended many friends and acquaintances to him who always thank me for recommending Yutaka.

- Marilyn J.

I have been having CranioSacral Therapy with Yutaka for many years now. Yutaka is a very kind and compassionate therapist who is willing to share is extensive knowledge of the human body. Each time I am amazed by his abilities to pick up what is happening in my body and the incredible sense of relaxation that comes with his work. I walk away feeling grounded, in balance and vital in health. I have noticed a profound change in my overall health, both physically and mentally since receiving regular sessions. Thanks Yutaka!

- Ash N.

Yutaka’s CranioSacral Therapy is a profound experience with every single session. You remain clothed while laying on a massage table while the head and legs are gently supported, and towels covering for extra warmth and comfort.

Yutaka is very caring, highly knowledgeable and intuitive during the session… and I believe this wonderful combination of attributes ensures the body can heal in the most effective ways.

After each session my back, pelvis and neck feel realigned and any headaches completely disappear. Straight after each therapy session I feel a bit drowsy so I like to drink plenty of water, but following this my energy levels are much higher, I feel lighter, happier and more energetic. The benefits have been so powerful for me, more than a regular massage treatment.

My son (12 years old) also has monthly CranioSacral Therapy sessions with Yutaka for the past year or more. The benefits for him have been most noticeable at school with increased concentration, greater interest, balancing his emotions, and recovering from muscle aches and growing pains. The transformation of his overall health and happiness is astounding.

Thank you Yutaka for supporting my families health, I cannot think what we would do without you!

- Merren W.

Yutaka is a very skilled CranioSacral and Massage therapist. I have been having both CranioSacral and Massage with him for several years and I have never felt so relaxed as when having the treatment. CranioSacral and Massage has helped me with many things, but mostly has been the only relief I have found from migraine headaches during and after pregnancy. I find CranioSacral Therapy also helps with treatment of stress and anxiety. It is a relaxing and non-invasive treatment and I can't recommend Yutaka more highly.

- Sarah W.

I have experienced ongoing back pain for a number of years and I have visited a number of different massage therapists and physios to relive this pain. I also know within the first 30 seconds if a masseur is going to help. Tired and stiff muscles and minimal exercise means I look forward to my weekly visits to Yutaka. Yutaka immediately knows where to hit the trigger points to loosen muscles and tendons

I would highly recommend Yutaka if you are looking for relief through a loosening of muscles and joints, freedom in movement and a better week ahead

I certainly look forward to my regular consultation with Yutaka

- Noel M.

I have had the pleasure and benefit of regular massage with Yutaka for about three years now. He is both an excellent therapist and one of natures gentlemen. As a practising dentist, stiffness and soreness from sitting and working intensely is a constant problem; regular massage with Yutaka has certainly helped me to maintain my mobility, reduce my discomfort as well as reducing my general stress levels. I recommend Yutaka very highly.

- Ian G.

I have been a regular client of Yutaka's for 4 years. Over this time, Yutaka has been the only health professional who has been able to effectively manage the symptoms of chronic arthritis in my hip and neck, and my ongoing jaw (TMJ) problems. Yutaka's unique combination of remedial massage and CST has increased my mobility and decreased my pain. He's an incredibly knowledgeable, caring and professional practitioner.

- Lise P.

I have been attending Yutaka’s clinic since early 2014 on a regular basis. I was working in community at that time, so a lot of driving. I developed neck and back stiffness and I attribute Yutaka with keeping me mobile. 
I don’t work now but exercise and bush walk on a regular basis. 

He is able to free up tight muscles using trigger points and Massage ease my aches and pains. At times a combination of CranioSacral treatment and Massage depending on what the problem was for that session.

I warmly recommend Yutaka. I have found him to be professional and consistently reliable and his treatments leave me feeling light and flexible. 

Thanks Yutaka

- Marion R.